Eid Mubarak from MGH

Tue Jun 4, 2019
Ramadan is a very special month for more than 1.8 billion Muslims living in all parts of the world -- 3.3 million of them in the United States. On May 13, the MGH held it's 19th annual Iftar celebration, which is the the fast-breaking meal eaten after sundown during the month of Ramadan.Muslims follow Islam, which is the religion revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Islam came to enforce the religion of God (Allah in Arabic language) on earth that was revealed through several prophets and messengers among them Adam, Nooh (Noah), Ibrahim (Abraham), Yakoub (Jacob), Youssef (Joseph), Iss-haq (Isaac), Moussa (Moses), Haroon (Aaron), Yahia (John the Baptist), Issa (Jesus) and Muhammad, peace be upon them all.